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XO Fish Head Bee Hoon

At our restaurant, we take immense pride in presenting our signature dish, the XO Fish Head Bee Hoon – a culinary masterpiece that's all about flavor and finesse.

While its appearance might not be flashy, don't be deceived! Behind every unassuming bowl lies a magical blend of taste and dedication. Our milky broth, with no dairy additives, is a true testament to our commitment to natural, wholesome ingredients.

The secret lies in our painstaking process, where each bowl of soup is individually prepared with utmost care and precision. Our expert chefs employ their exceptional wok skills to stir-fry the fish head until the oils and fats transform into a rich, velvety texture. But that's not all; the real magic comes from the fish stock and bones, which lend their essence to every spoonful.

The result? A delightful medley of flavors that sets our XO Fish Head Bee Hoon apart in a league of its own. Indulge in this gastronomic delight and experience the true essence of our passion for quality and taste. Visit us today and treat yourself to an extraordinary dining experience!












Opening Hours
Monday to Sunday
1130pm - 10pm

Contact Us

Blk 19 Ghim Moh Road #01-263 S(270019)

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