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Our Story


Bao Gong, was once a struggling fish head beehoon cook trying to perfect the …dish at his sifu (master) Restaurant. At work, his suppliers appeared regularly and showered him with hampers filled with goodies and XO brandy.


One nights after work, Mr Teo add a little brandy to the fish beehoon soup. He never suggested selling it as cost made it prohibitive but his partner, Mr Tan (Ah Tan), at Bao Gong XO Fish Head Beehoon restaurant supported and championed it.

Now, it’s a Singapore makan icon. In fact, the legend of the dark complexioned Justice Bao appeared on Mr Teo’s face, in the form of a dark blemished patch. Hence his nickname, hence the stall’s name.


Three words describe Bao Gong’s makan…(Simple, Clean and Confident).


一天晚上下班后,张先生在鱼米粉汤中加了一点白兰地。他从未建议将其销售,因为成本太高,但他的合作伙伴陈先生(Ah Tan)在包公XO鱼头米粉餐厅支持和推崇它。





Our Signature Dish



“San Lao” Hor Fan


Our next famous dish, the San Lao Hor Fan (Triple Flavour Kway Teow). It is totally deceiving that something so bland looking can be so flavourful. He exalts the kway teow with three invisible flavour agents, Chinese Hua Tiao wine, sesame oil, salt and garlic and texturises it with crunchy towgay (bean sprouts) and succulent slices of clean cut toman fish.



Butter Ball Prawn


Wanna know what happens when this chef plays with butter, milk powder and fresh milk? He comes up with Butter Milk Ball Prawns. It takes him 30 minutes of careful stir frying a wok of butter and milk powder as he gingerly drips fresh milk in to create this little crunchy butter milk balls which are fried with prawns and curry leaves. The buttery, rich, sweet-savoury and spicy balance is so agreeable with the fried crustacean.


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